Kredits [XKR]
the smarter community crypto

KREDITS is the pay-it-forward cryptocurrency, combining the privacy of Monero with the ease-of-use of PayPal. Decentralized and 100% community-driven, Kredits is engineered to make crypto onboarding smarter, lighter and easier.

Ticker Code for Kredits is: "XKR"

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Leveraging CryptoNote-evolved blockchain technology, Kredits XKR provides best-of-breed transaction privacy out of the box.
(Platform 1.0:"AmazingAlligator" Q2 2019)


Account ID chaining makes Kredits XKR transactions as easy as emails and texts, with dynamic on-the-fly account creation in realtime.
(Platform 2.0:"BrilliantBeaver" Q2 2020)


Managing value, the XKR hybrid Currency Board model provides stablecoin features which facilitate enhanced use-case adoption.
(Platform 3.0:"ConsistentCamel" Q3 2020)

Supercharged for Mass Adoption

With its full stack of features engineered for mass adoption, KREDITS XKR takes blockchain to the next level focusing on easy-of-use and seamless onboarding. Mobile-first puts a crypto wallet in everyone's pocket, pay-it-forward kickstarts the network effect and the Kredits XKR Community Fund promotes outreach while supporting a stable value which makes XKR a reliable medium of exchange.

Community Growth Fund

Instead of financing the project through a premine or a fee that goes to developers, the miners who secure the Kredits XKR network jointly contribute to its continued, sustained growth through a sliding-scale minority portion of each block reward: a unique growth percentage that is hardcoded into the protocol. Every time new XKRs are mined into circulation, coins are also shared with the stakeholder-governed Community Growth Fund which exists to support and grow the Kredits XKR userbase and ecosystem.


Viral growth of Kredits XKR is incentivized with "pay-it-forward" onboarding funded by the Community Growth Fund. Users who send XKRs to introduce new users to the ecosystem get rewarded: The more they spend, the more they earn. With account creation in realtime, new XKR wallets are set up dynamically on-the-fly. Combined with a cascading blockchain for Account ID alias chaining, email addresses and social network IDs work as account identifiers, making cryptocurrency transactions as easy as sending emails or texts. It's like "You've got Mail", but even better: "You've got Money!"

Community Mining

Kredits XKR's ASIC-resistant version of the CN algo makes broadbased global onboarding easier than ever: The community values of frictionless access and widespread mass adoption means that XKR can be mined equally by anyone from dedicated crypto farms to home users with standard CPUs or GPUs, making XKR mining ideal for users who lack other means of obtaining cryptocurrency.

Mobile First = Money in Your Pocket

Your crypto goes where you go! Kredits XKR puts a crypto wallet in everyone's pocket. Forget about complicated downloads and blockchain addresses no one can remember. With Kredits XKR, cryptocurrency is for everyone: The easy-to-use wallet sits on your phone and integrates with apps you already use. If you can use email or type a text message, you can send and receive crypto payments just by looking up your contacts or adding new ones.

Send crypto to anyone

Kredits XKR makes paying with crypto as easy as sending an email or a text. With the release of our "BrilliantBeaver" 2.0 platform, Kredits XKR adds Account ID chaining which creates dynamic on-the-fly accounts in realtime: If you send XKR to someone who doesn't have an account yet, Kredits creates a new account instantly and tells the recipient how to access the funds.

XKR Platform Launch and Specs

Regularly planned upgrades enable the Kredits XKR network to continually secure the network and incorporate new features to facilitate onboarding growth and manage the value of the currency. Enhancements are added by community consensus and announced six months in advance, giving stakeholders such as mining pools and exchanges ample time to upgrade.

  • Ticker: XKR
  • Proof-of-Work Algo: CN TRTL-V2
    Block time: 120 seconds
  • Total Max supply: 100 billion XKR
    8 decimals
  • Genesis block: 05 July 2019 12:01 UTC
    NO premine
  • Dev fee: 0%
  • Community Growth Fund: 5% of block reward
    Sliding scale (from 0% to a max % set by community consensus)

Mainnet Launch, Platform ver. 1.0:
Rescheduled for 5 July 2019

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Release ver. 1.0: "Amazing Alligator"

Leveraging CryptoNote-evolved blockchain technology, version 1.0 of the Kredits XKR platform codebase is named "AmazingAlligator" and provides provides best-of-breed transaction privacy out of the box.

  • Launch
    5 July 2019
  • Bulletproof privacy
    Evolved from Monero codebase
  • Community Growth Fund from block rewards
    Miners contribute to development
    funding enhanced features, future releases

Release ver. 2.0: "Brilliant Beaver"

With a planned upgrade to the Kredits XKR platform, the second implementation of the codebase is codenamed "BrilliantBeaver" and will add account ID chaining.

  • Launch
    15 April 2020
  • KreditsKontacts wallet alias features
    Crypto transactions as easy as emails and texts
  • "Pay-it-Forward" network growth
    Dynamic on-the-fly account creation in realtime

Release ver. 3.0: "Consistent Camel"

In its next scheduled upgrade which is codenamed "ConsistentCamel", stablecoin features are added to Kredits XKR through a hybrid Currency Board model underwritten by the XKR Community Growth Fund.

  • Launch
    15 September 2020
  • Stablecoin Features
    Facilitating enhanced use-case adoption
    Safe store of value
    Reliable medium of transaction
  • Managed exchange rate stability
    Fixed target value within upper/lower bands

Our 2020 Vision

More than just a roadmap, XKR looks to the future with a vision for 2020 and beyond. The project was born in 2018 with a community united behind the goal of a better and smarter approach to privacy crypto.

  1. Community Launch September 5th, 2018

    Kredits started as a community initiative to improve KGH (Kwagsh) and reboot the project with a rebranding and new direction. The process was formalized on September 5th, 2018, with the inauguration of the project's community forum as a platform for stakeholders to reach decisions by consensus and vote on proposals for a new name and logo. In the following months, volunteers established seed nodes, an alternate block explorer and mining pools to maintain the project's ecosystem in preparation for its relaunch.

  2. Coin Swap December 15th, 2018 - January 15th, 2019

    During a one-month registration process which was opened on December 15th, 2018, existing KGH holders were invited to swap KGH for new XKR at the rate of 10 KGH per 1 XKR. A potential max amount of 93,173,294,340 KGH could be claimed and by community consensus it was decided that unclaimed coins would provide the initial funding for the Kredits XKR Community Growth Fund in order to finance development of the project's next phase.

  3. Coin Swap completed January 15th, 2019

    Upon completion of the KGH:XKR 10 to 1 Coin Swap, a total amount of 44,226,106,381 KGH had been approved which were swapped for which were swapped for 4,422,610,638 XKR; burning approximately 40 billion coins in the process and reducing the amount of coins in circulation by 90%. Instead of a premine, the Genesis block of XKR minted one-tenth of the already-mined coins of its origin project, KGH, to comply with the 10:1 swap ratio.

  4. Platform Launch March 25th, 2019

    Full public-facing website at and launch of the Kredits XKR "2020 Vision" - a detailed project roadmap for 2019, 2020 and beyond, in parallel with the simultaneously ongoing core development and further implementation of Kredits XKR testnet in preparation for stagenet and mainnet launch.

  5. XKR Mainnet Launch June 26, 2019

    With the release of version 1.0 of the Kredits XKR platform, "Amazing Alligator", the mainnet goes live for mining and transactions based on a Monero-evolved codebase providing best-of-breed privacy and introducing ongoing miner contributions to the Community Growth Fund. This launch is released with Open Source CLI wallets simultaneously for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  6. Whitepaper July 12th, 2019

    The Kredits XKR Whitepaper presents Kredits Core Innovation: Mobile-First, seamless and accessible transaction privacy, lighter and easier crypto onboarding, volunteer-governed Community Growth Fund with open and transparent support of development as well as prioritizing key roadmap objectives including "pay-it-forward" and stablecoin features.

  7. Kredits GUI Wallets July 21th, 2019

    Support is added for graphical integration with the additional release of GUI wallets simultaneously for Windows, Mac and Linux. CPU- and GPU-mining is possible from within the wallet itself, in addition to mining through the already-existing XKR mining pools. As with other core releases, the codebase is entirely 100% Open Source and will always stay that way: The code is available on Github for code inspection, issues and pull requests.

  8. Webwallet August 16th, 2019

    The web-only wallet option makes Kredits XKR even easier to use without the need to download and install any software at all. In keeping with the Mobile-First philosophy of Kredits development, the webwallet functions as a smartphone wallet as well until the launch of dedicated XKR Mobile Wallet apps for Android and iOS.

  9. Exchange Listing October 27th, 2019

    Through a listed BTC-XKR pair, you can buy and sell Kredits on our first partner exchange. During its growth phase, value fluctuations are normal and acceptable, however, with the introduction of platform release version 3.0, Kredits XKR will adopt a set of stablecoin features in order to anchor its price and minimize exchange rate volatility. It is expected that XKR will be included on and other pricetracking indexes shortly after its initial exchange listings.

  10. KreditKontacts January 10th, 2020

    Forget long and confusing numbers for addresses or QR codes that ony machines can understand: With KreditsKontacts, email addresses and social media IDs double up as wallet address identifiers and lets users send crypto to any email address in their contact list. As a component in achieving network effect, the wallet alias feature is launched in advance of the viralizing "pay-it-forward" onboarding strategy incorporated in release 2.0, "BrilliantBeaver".

  11. Mobile Wallet March 2nd, 2020

    With the release of the first Kredits Mobile Wallet apps for both Android and iOS, crypto comes to your pocket and goes everywhere you go. Forget about complicated downloads and blockchain addresses no one can remember. With Kredits XKR, cryptocurrency is for everyone: The easy-to-use wallet sits on your phone and integrates with apps you already use. The app lets you send and receive crypto payments just by looking up your contacts or adding new ones.

  12. "BrilliantBeaver" Release April 15th, 2020

    With "Brilliant Beaver", the second release of the Kredits [XKR] platform will add account ID chaining and a "pay-it-forward" onboarding feature to facilitate network growth and enabling dynamic on-the-fly account creation for new users in realtime. Account ID chaining makes Kredits XKR transactions as easy as emails and texts and also integrates KreditsKontacts into all versions of the existing XKR wallets.

  13. "ConsistentCamel" Release September 15th, 2020

    The third release of the Kredits [XKR] platform, which is known as "ConsistentCamel", brings the addition of new stablecoin features to Kredits XKR through a hybrid Currency Board model underwritten by the XKR Community Growth Fund. Stablecoin features facilitate enhanced use-case adoption, making the coin a safer store of value and a more reliable medium of transaction due to exchange rate stability which is managed as with a fixed target value within upper/lower bands.

  14. "DecentralizedDolphin" Release April 15th, 2021

    The fourth main release of the Kredits [XKR] platform is called "DecentralizedDolphin" and extends the stablecoin features introduced with "ConsistentCamel" by both tightening the sliding upper/lower bands and simultaneously decentralizing the management of the fixed XKR value to a distributed network of counterparty vaults formed by stakeholders each maintaining complimentary asset baskets under the hybrid Currency Board model. This release adds resilience to the stablecoin features, incentivizing use.

Full Roadmap


More than a hundred registered members are active in the Kredits XKR community supported by a core team with years of experience in blockchain development, full-stack coding, cryptocurrency mining and tech integration. Our passion is crypto and the adventure of bringing blockchain to another level.


Lead Developer

Cryptocurrency wizard and experienced blockchain developer based in India.

Location: INDIA


Community Organizer

Tech evangelizer and crypto enthusiast from the United States.


Karsen (Xixas Gordo)

Community Outreach

Computer science graduate student and crypto miner from Europe.

Location: EUROPE


Exchange Coordinator

Specialist crypto miner and tech support guru in China.

Location: CHINA


Infrastructure Maintainer

Early crypto adopter and venture capital blockchain investor in Brazil.



Mining CTO

Coordinator of mining operations, owner of mining pools in Africa.

Location: AFRICA

The full Kredits community is made up of individuals and groups worldwide.

We welcome new talent and hope you'll join us.

Want to see yourself here? Or have a suggestion for someone who'd be great on the team? Get in touch and let us work together!


Kredits XKR has an active community spanning hundreds of members on a variety of platforms and social networks where questions are asked and answered on a daily basis, so if you don't find your answers here please join us in the online discussions or reach out to contact us.

The world doesn't need another cryptocurrency; it needs a BETTER cryptocurrency. Kredits XKR evolved from a community takeover of a previous coin, KGH, which suffered from many of the typical failures shared by the majority of blockchain startups. After taking over the development of the project, a community discussion identified its weak points and failures. Accumulating the experience and input of a collection of skilled blockchain veterans, consensus then emerged on how to instead reboot the project as the best-possible crypto. The result: Kredits, with its new ticker code XKR.

No, none: Kredits has ZERO premine. The coin merely has a core Genesis block equivalent to 10% of the already-mined coins of its origin project, KGH, which were swapped for XKR at a 10:1 rate (effectively burning 90% of circulating currency). By community consensus, unclaimed coins provided the initial funding for the Community Growth Fund.

The core codebase which powers Kredits XKR is entirely 100% Open Source and will always stay that way. Our community of developers and contributors collaborate to continually make the entire core software available on Github for code inspection, issues and pull requests. Kredits XKR is a non-profit community-developed cryptocurrency which is driven by a group of volunteers and which has no corporate ownership. The coin and its code is "owned" by the community as a whole: All users are stakeholders in the coin. Once you own XKR, you automatically own part of the project.

Instead of a premine or development fee, a minority portion of each block reward is shared with a stakeholder-governed COMMUNITY GROWTH FUND where decisions are made transparently and by consensus regarding which tasks and work projects to prioritize. In the first phase, the Community Growth Fund pays for development work and exchange listings. In its second phase, the Community Growth Fund will subsidize exponential onboarding growth, including "pay-it-forward" rewards to incentivize user mass adoption. In its third phase, funds will be earmarked for actively managing the value of XKR under the hybrid Currency Board model which provides stablecoin features and facilitates enhanced use-case adoption. At all times, infrastructure maintenance and core development continue to be funded as well.

Kredits XKR has both a WHITEPAPER and a TECHPAPER. The Whitepaper lays out the shared vision and community's plans for the project while the Techpaper explains the cryptography and all the rest that happens under the hood. Links to PDF downloads are in the footer of this page. Reading both papers, you'll see what makes Kredits XKR different and how XKR brings the blockchain to another level. When you're done reading, go ahead check out our ROADMAP, too, and discover how we plan to execute.

Starting from a Mobile-First perspective, the aim of Kredits XKR is to make private cryptocurrency as easy and accessible as possible. Lighter and easier crypto onboarding means fewer hurdles in growing the user base and achieving network effect. As its core innovation, Kredits XKR opted for no premine or dev fee but instead for ongoing growth financing via an open and transparent Community Growth Fund which is financed by a share of the block reward which is earned by the miners who help secure the network. In phase 1, these funds cover development and roll-out expenses, while in phase 2 a portion will also be dedicated to another Kredits Core Innovation, which is the "pay-it-forward" onboarding strategy whereby existing users earn Kredits for introducing new users and sending payments to them.

Kredits XKR follows a staggered release schedule where upgrades and extentions to the platform are implemented on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. This open source "ship early, ship often" model guarantees that community-driven enhancements are added continually to the network and ensures that the platform remains at the leading edge of new crypto developments. Three planned releases are already scheduled in the coin's roadmap, with the first currently on testnet and launching live on mainnet June 26, 2019 (est.)

A viralizing onboarding strategy consisting of early adopters sending coins to new users pay-it-forward network growth effect has been extremely effective at mobilizing, integrating and motivating an international and dynamic participation and kickstarting nascent crypto communities to let them overcome the initial network effect hurdle. Starting with release ver 2.0 of the Kredits XKR platform, account holders who send XKR to new users will earn XKR back as a reward for their help in growing the userbase of the network: The more you spend, the more you earn. The cost of this "pay-it-forward" incentive is covered by holdings of the Kredits XKR Community Growth Fund.

Kredits XKR can currently best be described as a "future stablecoin": During its growth phase, value fluctuations are expected and acceptable, however, with the introduction of platform release version 3.0, Kredits XKR will adopt a set of stablecoin features in order to anchor its price to a rate which makes the currency both a consistent store of value and a more reliable currency for day-to-day transactions by minimizing or eliminating exchange rate volatility. This will be achieved through a hybrid Currency Board model financed by the continuous block rewards funding of the coin's stakeholder-governed Community Growth Fund.

Earn Kredits, buy Kredits or mine your own Kredits: Kredits XKR can be mined by anyone with a CPU or GPU or bought either OTC or via exchanges (to be announced). You can also earn Kredits online, either by receiving payments or earning Kredits as loyalty-points from participating partners, and get some XKR from the Kredits coinfaucet. And get your wallet now so you'll be ready for the upcoming launch of the Kredits "pay-it-forward": The more you spend, the more you earn!

Join the XKR Crypto Revolution

The Kredits Community is active in all the popular crypto areas. Our main communication channels are Discord, Telegram and our very own inhouse XKR Community Forum ...but you can also reach out to us on places like Twitter, Bitcointalk, Reddit and Github!

COIN TO WATCH: Constant new developments are being rolled out month after month so be sure not to miss out. Join us on social media, participate in the groups and forums, sign up for our mailing list (...and of course don't forget to load up on your own share of Kredits XKR, too!)